Course unit on PETRHA+ at TAMK

During the year 2019-2020, Tiina Pystynen and Maria Maljanen, physiotheray teachers at TAMK involved in the project, organised a course unit focused on PETRHA+ (on 1 ECTS) for their students in 2nd and 2rd year.

Cases of the cardiovasculardiseases were also used in studies of the physiotherapy of the cardio patients.

Here is some feedbacks from the students:

“Through the Petrha project (the course), it has been possible to think better about the importance of the right kind of tests and questions and their interpretation. Through cases of the game, it has also been possible to consider the importance of clinical reasoning and what it means in physiotherapy work. What needs to be investigated and what it’s not important. »

“The course project has helped me to expand my own test batteries and find the right questions. Setting different goals was easier after the course.”

“I have received a confidence to my clinical reasoning and learned to find the cause-effect relationships after the course. The prioritization and arrangement of things has become clearer. The game has offered many good and different opportunities to train clinical reasoning.” 

“Playing the Petrha game developed my skill of clinical reasoning.”

« My understanding of the ICF classification and its practical significance has expanded. I will be able to categorize the challenges of the patient’s life, with a clearer progress from initial goals towards the main goals. »

« Through the Petrha project, the structure of the ICF classification has been greatly improved and now I understand and know what ICF means. ICF makes it easier to build therapy goals. »

« Through the project, the ICF structure is more clear to me now. »

« The course as a whole has greatly helped to conceive the importance of ICF classification and concretised the clinical reasoning and the whole physiotherapy process. »


3rd Transnational meeting in Tampere

This weekthe partners gathered at in Finland at TAMK (Tampere University of Applied Sciences) for the 3rd transnational meeting of the project.

This meeting enabled to tack stock of the administrative and financial aspects of the project.

Following the meeting, colletcive work sessions were organised to work on the various intellectual ouputs.


Visit of the TAMK University Hospital


TAMK International Week

Last week, TAMK organised its international week which theme was « Learning through Innovations in Health Care, Physiotherapy and Social Services« .

Saara and Anu, two students in 3rd year of physiotherapy at TAMK, presented with the help of their teacher Tiina Pystynen the Petrha Serious Game on which they worked together.



Last Tuesday, Bruno Albouy, physiotherapy teacher at IRFSS Nouvelle-Aquitaine, and 2 of his students went to Paris to present the Petrha Serious Game during the 23rd ENPHE Congress which theme was « Education for Innovation and Multidisciplinarity ».