Serious Game

The Serious Game PETRHA enables European physiotherapy students to practice clinical reasoning. Many clinical cases are available in variousclanguages ​​and specialties (Geriatrics, Musculoskeletal, Neurological, Cardio-Respiratory and Pediatrics).

As a real simulation tool, this Serious Game allows students to consult the patient’s medical file, to carry out an interview and a clinical examination and to have access to validated tests and scales. Thanks to this information, the student will have to establish a physiotherapeutic diagnosis, determine rehabilitation objectives, identify the therapeutic means to be implemented, as well as the evaluation tools that he/she plans to use for the follow-up of the objectives. A score is assigned at the end of the clinical case. It makes it possible to assess the quality of the collection of information and the relevance of the diagnosis and the proposed objectives.

At the same time, an administration interface accessible with a password and an identifier makes it possible to create an account for schools wishing to participate in the enrichment of the content. They will be able to:

  • – Create users (school administrator, trainers, students),
  • – Modify or create clinical cases,
  • – Manage game sessions that allow the saving of information for the realization of debriefings, tutorials and/or evaluations.


Access the Serious Game


Tutorials have been produced to allow students to get started with the game and teachers to create their own clinical cases:

Access tutorials for students

Access tutorials for trainers